The story

Once upon a time (which is not so long ago, actually), lives a girl name Mima. She's a sweet and bubbly girl (although sometimes a bit too bubbly), and has a really really big imagination. Although she likes to talk and tell stories, she's quite a shy girl. She barely ever shown her face in front of people. But what she really really like is collecting stuffs. Stuffs that are cute, and adorable, and cool and unique. Her favorite stuff to collect are the stuffs from {picobella), Little Heirloom, Umara, Apanamanya, R n beth, LouLou, Sibebo, Ailylla, Bunnie Boo, Baby Verguson and Enphilia. She put them in a big closet inside a playpark called Playparq (I don't know why she put it there, i guess because it's easier to change your clothes after you play if you have a closet inside a playpark). She love them soooo much, that she wants to share it with the whoooolllee woorlld! (well, maybe no the WHOLE world, just most of it anyway). So, if you get a chance, just come to Playparq (Jl. Kemang Timur no. 72, Jakarta Selatan) and see it for yourself. Maybe, if you're lucky enough, you get to meet Mima too!

If you wanna get updated on Mima's colection (and her everyday stories), just follow her on Twitter @mimascloset and visit Mima's Closet page on